Columbia-based TEDCO announced a recent Seed Funds investment of $250,000 into Aidar Health, a Columbia-based health technology and digital medicine company. TEDCO’s Seed Funds invest in early-stage, technology and life sciences companies, and provide access to gap financing.

Aidar works to provide health care technologies powered by data science to support patients and providers. Through its products, it aims to enhance patients’ quality of life with chronic conditions, while enabling positive health outcomes.

One of these products, MouthLab, is a rapid health assessment device leveraging proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms. This allows for a more personalized health care experience for patients with chronic conditions.

“Our goal is to develop and deliver innovative digital medicine solutions to improve and empower personalized care,” said Aidar President and CEO Sathya Elumalai. “Through our products, we are able to offer access to high-quality care at home, helping to extend and improve the quality of life for many.”

TEDCO’s Seed Funds invest in companies showing promise of becoming venture-fundable companies or are likely to become sustainable through revenue, follow-on funding, or other forms of the corporate venture.