TEDCO, of Columbia, announced portfolio company Linshom Medical, an Ellicott City-based startup medical device company focused on respiratory monitoring, received investments of $250,000 and $400,000 from the Abell Foundation and TEDCO, respectively, as part of a Series A preferred equity round.

Accurate respiratory monitoring and rapid detection of early respiratory decline are foundational to ensuring positive patient outcomes. Linshom is the first company to deliver operating room quality respiratory data to the patient’s bedside. Patients on the general care floor, in the emergency room, in the post anesthesia care unit and at home do not have the quality of monitoring available in the operating room or intensive care unit, as those technologies are too big, complex and expensive for bedside use.

Linshom addresses these barriers by delivering a small, low-cost, wearable sensor that delivers highly accurate, continuous, predictive respiratory monitoring to the patient’s bedside.

“Linshom has proven [its] ability to hit key performance milestones by achieving FDA clearance, securing a $2.4 million National Institute of Health grant and conducting a post-approval, in-hospital, clinical study with its partner, Ohio State University, on time and on budget. We are impressed by Linshom’s effective execution of its commercial strategy in a $2 billon market, and we are proud to support their business relocation to Baltimore City,” said Eileen O’Rourke, director of impact investments for Abell.