A strong recovery continued in April at the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore’s state-owned, public marine terminals, with key cargo indicators up double-digits compared to COVID-19 lows and several categories also posting year-over-year increases.

Autos and light trucks, roll on/roll off farm and construction machinery and overall general cargo each showed gains compared to April of last year to strongly lead the Port’s recovery.

The Port of Baltimore has handled more autos and light trucks than any other U.S. port for 10 consecutive years, and the rebound from pandemic lows indicates continued strength in that category. In April, 34,672 autos and light trucks came across the Port’s public docks, a tremendous 97 percent increase compared to the category’s pandemic low point in May 2020. Autos/light trucks were also up 23.5 percent year-over-year compared to April 2020. In addition to new vehicles, the Port also handles previously owned vehicles. In April, that category was also up ― an increase of 27 percent compared to the same month last year.

April figures also showed an impressive increase for another key commodity, roll on/roll off farm and construction equipment. Public terminals at the Port handled 85,405 tons of heavy machinery, up 73 percent compared to the category’s low point in June 2020 and a 30 percent increase compared to April of last year.

Overall general cargo, with 937,439 tons, was up 28 percent at the Port compared to the category’s June 2020 low, and up seven percent year-over-year. Containers, with 50,866 boxes, was up seven percent against its June 2020 low.