Gov. Moore addresses the BWI Partnership. (Photo: Mark Smith)

At his keynote address to the BWI Business Partnership, Gov. Wes Moore dedicated the majority of his message to the importance of enhancing Maryland’s transportation network, citing its “remarkable assets” that he would compare to those of “any other state.”

During the Partnership’s May Signature Breakfast, which was held at The Hall at Live! Casino & Hotel, in Hanover, Moore said “Transportation is essential to economic mobility, jobs and opportunity,” and a “key factor to make or break success.”

Though citing Maryland’s assets, Moore said that they “are not lined up” and cited the need for better roads, tunnels and bridges, adding that improvements are also needed in mass transit, which he called “critical to long-term success” in creating “pathways to work, wages and wealth.”

Moore also said that the construction in Baltimore of the Frederick Douglas Tunnel alone is expected to result in 30,000 jobs, and $50 million in local workforce development and community investments. He also pointed out that the electric vehicle market is expected to reach $28 trillion in 2028 and that he wants “access for every Marylander.

“We want [Maryland] to be a state where ambition and opportunity meet each other,” he said. “If you show me a [metropolitan area] with good transportation, I’ll show you Washington, San Francisco,” etc. “These cities attract people who come together. Would New York City have attracted the (1964-1965) World’s Fair without the Subway? No.”