Howard County Executive Calvin Ball has established the Spending Affordability Advisory Committee (SAAC) to prepare recommendations regarding revenues and expenditures for County government during the next five years. Created by Executive Order, Ball identified 20 members and seven current leaders of Howard County Government to serve on the committee, which will be led by Budget Director Holly Sun.

In the Executive Order establishing the SAAC, Ball directed that it “review in detail the status and projections of revenues and expenditures” for the coming fiscal year 2020, and for years 2021-25. Ball also tasked the SAAC with evaluating the impact of economic indicators, such as changes in personal income and the growth of the assessable base.

The committee will also consider the county’s existing long-term educational, safety, environmental, transportation, health and human services, and employee benefit obligations. The committee is directed to prepare and present a report by March 1, 2019. Meetings will be open to the public.