More than 200 volunteers contributed to Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman’s recently released transition report. The 20-page report includes 63 broad recommendations, with a total of 298 action items in the subcommittee reports.

Recommendations included adding some key management positions within county government, increasing staffing levels for teachers and public safety personnel, adopting new technologies to improve efficiency, increasing community engagement and instilling better collaboration among departments and partners. The report is available at

In a departure from traditional transition team structure, Pittman’s transition committees focused on communities, rather than specific county departments. The seven committees were: Safe Communities, Healthy Communities, Thriving Communities, Empowered Communities, Educated Communities, Sustainable Communities and Responsive Government.

Overall, the report noted that county residents want to be engaged in local government. It also indicated that they want better access to information, more opportunities for public participation and a chance to help shape decisions. The transition, which was led by former County Executive Janet Owens and former County Councilmember Chris Trumbauer, included more than 200 volunteers who spent more than 5,000 hours of time contributing to its creation.