The Howard County Commission on Disabilities presented Howard County Executive Calvin Ball with its 2019 Report on the Status of People with Disabilities in Howard County. The report may be viewed at

The report outlines the commission’s findings and recommends actions the county should take to improve its response to issues that concern people with disabilities. The report identifies gaps in achievement between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers, and in initiatives that could promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The report also highlights the need for subsidized housing options for those with extremely low incomes and discusses challenges facing people with disabilities who may not have regular access to socialization opportunities.

The commission’s report enumerates several recommendations for closing identified gaps, including revising current grant award practices to emphasize funding of innovative services that would have the greatest impact on defined needs. The report also recommends considering legislation to provide non-competitive hiring for people with disabilities. Other recommendations include expanding school mental health services, promoting disability awareness, and expanding equity interventions to include disability.