Howard County Executive Calvin Ball has re-opened the Agricultural Land Preservation Program (ALPP) to protect county farmland and support local farmers. The ALPP was created in 1984 and, over three decades, was successful in preserving 15,700 acres of land for agriculture in the rural areas of the county.

The program was shut down a year ago due to a budget shortfall. By working with the Department of Planning and Zoning, the Finance Department, and the Agricultural Preservation Board, Ball was able to responsibly restore this important program.

“Agriculture continues plays a vital role in Howard County, both in terms of our environment and our economy. Our farms provide locally grown food, minimize our environmental footprint and grow jobs. We are re-opening the Agricultural Land Preservation Program to safeguard our natural spaces and helps farms thrive,” said Ball. “I believe we must renew our promise of support to all our farmers and residents. We must be environmental leaders who protect and preserve agricultural lands, as well as those who live and work there.”

Ball closed by indicating his continued commitment to local farmers, through the support of the Agricultural Preservation Board, his Agricultural Subcabinet, and of course, the agricultural community.