Howard County Executive Calvin Ball issued a letter on behalf of Howard County consenting to the resettlement of refugees under the presidential Executive Order 13888. On Sept. 26, the White House issued Executive Order 13888 “On Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Resettlement,” requiring governors and county level executives to issue consent letters to receive refugees under the Department of State’s Reception and Placement Program.

“The President’s attempt to keep states and local communities from resettling refugees does not align with Howard County ideals of diversity and inclusion. Howard County is, and will continue to be, and place where diversity is celebrated and embraced. Refugees and asylum seekers are an integral and engaged part of our community ― and will always be welcome here, as a county that is dedicated to creating a better quality of life for all.”

 Ball’s letter follows Gov. Larry Hogan’s declaration that the state of Maryland will continue to accept refugees, in addition to those of other local officials.