Preeti Emrick has been named Director of Emergency Management for Anne Arundel County. She joined the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) earlier this year in January 2020 as the deputy director.

The Office of Emergency Management coordinates resources and facilitates the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of local, State, Federal, and non-governmental agencies for the county.

OEM is charged with:

● Developing and maintaining a Comprehensive Emergency Management Program for all-hazards

● Coordinating Emergency Planning with County, State, Federal, and non-governmental agencies to protect life, property, and the environment from the effects of natural and man-made disasters (View the County Emergency Operations Plan)

● Mitigating the impact of hazards

● Preparing the community for disasters and terrorism

● Responding to emergencies when they occur

● Establishing recovery systems to return the County and its citizens to a normal state as soon as possible.