County Executive Steuart Pittman announced that Anne Arundel County would continue at Stage Two on the Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery.

After consulting with his Recovery Work Group and county Health Officer Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman, Pittman cited the recent increase in COVID-19 case rate and positivity during the past two weeks, and the county’s goal to open public schools this fall as rationale to hold a steady course on reopening actions.

“We need to get our schools open, and the state of Maryland has given us an achievable new case rate that makes it safe to do so,” said Pittman.

“We must lower our rate of spread to get there. Unfortunately, cases in our county are increasing right now, and recent experience shows clearly that if we increase activity, our rate of spread will accelerate more. That is the outcome that we must avoid. The data shows us that we are simply not ready to move to Stage Three. To get there, we must stand together and finish the job we started. Let’s beat this thing.”

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