Marylanders for Tax Fairness, an independent coalition of Marylanders, businesses of all sizes, and pro-economic growth advocates, announced its official formation, initial membership, and outlined its collective mission to sustain Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of House Bill 732, the Digital Advertising Tax.

Currently, the coalition is comprised of nearly 100 businesses, organizations, and individuals who have joined together to fight against unfair taxes thrust upon the state’s leading job creators in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and the worst possible time in modern history.

Marylanders for Tax Fairness is working to persuade the Maryland General Assembly to allow Governor Hogan’s veto of House Bill 732 to stand when the 2021 legislative session begins in January. The non-partisan Department of Legislative Services (DLS) has estimated that House Bill 732 will cost Maryland taxpayers $250 million every year.

“The reality is that Marylanders and Maryland businesses will be the ones who will end up paying this tax and given the current COVID-19 crisis, that is unconscionable,” said Doug Mayer, spokesman for Marylanders for Tax Fairness. “This is a bad time for a bad idea, and we are respectfully asking the Maryland General Assembly to reconsider their support for this new tax on job creators. Maryland entrepreneurs and small businesses are doing everything they can to survive the pandemic. The last thing they need is another tax and additional costs making it even harder than it already is.”