The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) announced the approved toll rate ranges for the proposed High Occupancy Toll lanes for Phase 1 South: American Legion Bridge I-270 to I-370. The announcement follows an extensive public comment process that began in May and concluded with a recent MDTA Board vote.

MDTA staff presented its final recommendation and the summary analysis and report from the second public comment period, which was held Sept. 30 to Oct. 28. Prior to the vote on the final toll rate ranges, which will be part of the Op Lanes Maryland program, the MDTA Board opened the floor for additional in-person comments. However no members of the public attended the meeting to provide comments.

As a result of comments received during the first public comment period, which ran May 20 to August 14 and included in-person and virtual call-in public hearings, the approved toll rate ranges reflect a base minimum per-mile toll rate of 17 cents per mile, which is lower than the 20 cents per mile proposed in May. The 17 cents per-mile minimum toll rate is consistent with the base off-peak minimum per-mile toll rate for the MDTA’s Intercounty Connector (ICC)/MD 200. In addition to the new Op Lanes, all existing general purpose lanes across the American Legion Bridge and north on I-270 to I-370 would remain, and would be free for use by all motorists. It will be Maryland’s first dynamically tolled facility.

“Maryland is making the choice to be one of only two states in the nation to incorporate a soft rate cap, which would constrain the toll rate as a protective measure for our customers,” said MDTA Executive Director James F. Ports, Jr. “And just like at every toll facility in our state, E-ZPass Maryland customers will pay the lowest tolls on every trip.”

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