The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation announced the formation of the Office of Customer Experience, which will evaluate how SDAT employees interact with customers and make internal recommendations for management and staff to streamline services, provide support and ensure overall satisfaction.

Jaimonese Clark, who has served as manager of SDAT’s Customer Service Contact Center for three years, has been promoted to operations manager of customer experience. “By developing and executing strategies that empower our managers to focus on people, performance, and progress, the Office of Customer Experience will ensure a workforce that listens its customers and focuses on their needs,” said Clark, who has 15 years of public and private sector experience.

Efforts of the department include performing professional analysis of all programs’ public content, processes and procedures; recommending improvements, including the use of new technologies; management training; and performing follow-up reviews to ensure that all suggested improvements are functioning as expected and customers’ needs are being met.