The Maryland Department of Commerce has renewed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Netherlands to support economic development collaboration between the regions. The agreement, which was signed with InnovationQuarter, the regional economic development agency for the province of South-Holland, expands on the original agreement by focusing on cybersecurity, quantum computing and life sciences.

Originally signed in 2016, the memorandum of understanding served as the catalyst for the Maryland Global Gateway initiative. What began as a small pilot project between the two regions grew into the state’s soft landing program, providing international companies with the opportunity to test out the U.S. market at an affordable rate.

A separate event was also held for the entities to exchange best practices surrounding climate adaptation and urban agriculture.

”The Netherlands’ dedication to innovation and sustainability make it one of the most competitive economies in Europe. Here in Maryland, we are striving for those exact same results, with help from our highly-skilled tech workforce and thriving startup scene,” said Maryland Commerce Secretary Kevin Anderson. “We believe this expanded partnership with the Rotterdam-Hague area will keep both regions working towards the greater good, while boosting business in Maryland and abroad.”

“The economic ties between the Netherlands and the U.S. support almost one million American jobs, including more than 33,000 jobs in Maryland,” said Bart van Bolhuis, director for International Affairs at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. “This MOU strengthens the economic bonds between Maryland and The Hague-Rotterdam area. We look forward to fostering more innovation and economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic.”