A resolution to the Tastee Diner dilemma in Laurel has been reached, as Laurel Mayor Craig Moe and his senior management staff; Francesca DeMauro-Palminteri, owner of Pure Hana Synergy Medical Dispensary and the developer of the Tastee Diner property on Route 1, and her development consultants; and Douglas Hayes, chair of the city’s Laurel Historical District Commission, have agreed on a plan to redevelop the property.

All agreed that the Tastee Diner is a landmark that is worthy of preservation, adding that it has never been the desire of the city or the developer to demolish or remove the historic property from its present location, at 118 Washington Boulevard.

DeMauro-Palminteri has agreed with Moe’s proposal to keep the building at its location and reuse it for her business, to allow the diner to be visible and not encapsulated by a structure around it and to provide for signage providing historical information about the property. It was also agreed that the developer would include silhouettes in some of the windows of the diner, to enhance the aesthetics of the building façade.

Moe has also asked the developer to allow the city to have the right of first refusal for any future sale of the property. The City of Laurel Planning Commission will hear the special exception application on the property on Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. The public is invited.