Howard County is assisting federal workers and contractors impacted by the current government shutdown by requesting all county departments and agencies to offer aid where possible. In response to County Executive Calvin Ball’s request, the county’s Department of Finance is suspending residential water service disconnections until the federal government shutdown is over.

Additionally, the Howard County Library System (HCLS) announced a suspension of library fines and fees during the shutdown, and the county Department of Recreation & Parks (HCRP) is offering alternative payment schedules for impacted federal workers and contractors. Eleven percent of Howard County’s employed residents and their families are directly impacted by the current government shutdown that has lasted for nearly two weeks.

Howard County has nearly 72,000 residential water and sewer customers. The county bills customers for water and sewer service four times a year, with 30 days to pay. Shut-offs occur after two additional notices have been sent. There are between 10 to 60 disconnections a month, which only take place on residential accounts with more than $250 past due. The average county water and sewer bill is about $150.

Federal workers or contractors finding themselves in need of support with health or human services can call 410-313-6400 or the Maryland Access Point at 410-313-1234. A complete list of resources and services can be found at