Hoping To Write More Cat Tales With Happy Endings, Rescue Seeks Shelter Space

Over the years, the Howard County Cat Club has written hundreds of cat tales with happy endings.

There was Mr. Jeff, who was abandoned in a carrier beside an apartment complex dumpster on a blazing hot summer day. Bootsy, an elderly pure-bred Maine Coon, was left in the overnight “drop box” at Carroll County Animal Control in mid-February. And then there was Harvey, who got lost in a state park and was sick and starving when his rescuer found him.

“In the 20 years we’ve been in existence, there have been so many cats,” says HCCC founder and president Missy Zane. “With a lot of hard work and determination, we’ve been able to create hundreds of ‘cat tales’ with happy endings.”

But now, the Howard County Cat Club is looking for that special person or business owner who will create a story with a happy ending for them. The registered 501 (c)(3) no-kill rescue lost its shelter two years ago and has been desperately searching for a new home ever since.

The rescue currently has 10 cats in foster homes. “But finding fosters is extremely difficult,” Zane says. “And since we rescue mainly older cats, our cats tend to stay in their foster homes for a very long time.

“If we had a shelter again, we could save so many more lives.”

What HCCC Needs In A Shelter

        A vacant retail or office space. The walkout basement of a private home would work, too, as long as it has a separate entrance. Other possibilities include a garage with windows or an outbuilding. Or, the rescue would love to have a tiny piece of land where it could turn a 16×24 shed into the most fabulous cat shelter ever. The group is able to pay a small amount of rent.

        A location within a 15-minute drive of Columbia.

        The space needs heating and air conditioning, working electricity and running water. “It has to be a welcoming, comfortable space, not just for the cats, but for our volunteers and potential adopters who come to visit,” Zane says

        Parking for no more than three cars.

        Space for an outdoor enclosure or “catio.”

About The Howard County Cat Club

Zane started the Howard County Cat Club nearly 20 years ago in celebration of her cat sitting service’s 20th anniversary. Since then, the organization has saved the lives of hundreds of cats.

All of the cats are neutered/spayed, have current vaccinations and are microchipped. HCCC is a rescue for adult cats and rarely has kittens. They never have very young kittens or expectant moms. Most of the cats come from the Baltimore/Washington area’s kill shelters, although some are “owner give-ups.”

A dedicated team of volunteers cares for the cats 365 days a year, including holidays.

In addition to fostering cats, HCCC provides free cat behavior consultations by email, advises feral cat caretakers and assists people who want to rehome their cats. Baltimore’s Virtual Cat Adoption Center is HCCC’s Facebook page for owner give-ups. 

“To see the hundreds of cats who need a safe place to go and know there’s very little we can do to help is heartbreaking,” Zane says. “We’re hoping against hope that someone will save us so we can save more cats.”

For more information, write to [email protected] or visit the Howard County Cat Club on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/howardcountycatclub/.