Moneywise has combined the results of three studies of the best and worst states for retirement and have consolidated the rankings into one master list of the 16 states (including one tie) on the bottom overall.

The publication added each state’s retirement ranking from Bankrate, WalletHub and Kiplinger to create scores out of a possible 150. The higher the score, the worse the state is for retirees. Maryland topped the list with a score of 187.

Moneywise offered that “Maryland is steeped in history and culture; it offers great golfing, mountains, beaches; and you’re never far from a major population center. So why is it the worst place for your retirement?” It went on to say that a “scenic drive to the beach might be ruined by some of the most congested roads in the country, or a surprise tornado or a winter storm blasting in off the Atlantic.”

As a retirement destination, Bankrate and Kiplinger rank Maryland the no. 48 state, and WalletHub ranks it no. 41 – adding up to Moneywise’s score. It went on to opine that retiring in the Free State could mean that you would find “your retirement savings demolished by the state’s high cost of living (17% above average), its taxes on IRAs and its above-average health care costs.”

Maryland was followed in the list by New York, New Mexico, Louisiana and Rhode Island, at nos. 2-5, respectively.