The recently released Bloomberg U.S. State Innovation Index shows Maryland among the top five states for innovation.

Bloomberg’s newest U.S. State Innovation Index, which ranked Maryland fifth, is based on six equally-weighted metrics: research and development intensity, productivity, clusters of companies in technology, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs, populous with degrees in science and engineering disciplines, and patent activity.

The report shows Maryland ranking first in the concentration of STEM professionals; and third in R&D intensity, tech company density, and science and engineering degree holders. It also ranked 14th in productivity and 40th in patents.

Bloomberg ranked California ranking as the most innovative economy in America. The Golden State was followed by Massachusetts, Washington, Connecticut at positions 2-4, respectively, with Maryland rounding out the top five. The bottom four states were unchanged from three years earlier, with Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas and Louisiana ranking from 50-47.