The Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) launched an Online Open House to provide information and gather feedback as part of the Ellicott City Watershed Master Plan process. The site focuses on several key downtown areas where significant changes to previously-proposed master plan ideas are likely, given the flood mitigation work under the Safe and Sound plan.

The Ellicott City Watershed Master Plan process officially kicked off on May 31, 2017, with the goal of developing a comprehensive, community-driven vision for rebuilding a stronger and more resilient Ellicott City. Triggered by the devastating July 30, 2016 flood, the master plan effort was designed to take a fresh and creative look at potential long-term flood solutions and rebuilding strategies. Following the May 2018 flood, the master plan process was paused; in June 2019, County Executive Calvin Ball resumed the plan.

The Online Open House includes information and public surveys regarding the following areas where significant changes to prior master plan concepts are likely.

● Lower Main Street

● Lot D and Lot E

● Lot F and Lot G (Former Roger Carter Center)

● Lot A and Lot B

The online open house can be found via The master plan consultant team will consider survey input while preparing concepts for presentation at a fall 2019 public meeting. It will be available through Sunday, Aug. 11. For more information, email [email protected].