Howard County Executive Calvin Ball pre-filed legislation to convey 2.63 acres of land to the state of Maryland as part of the widening of Maryland Route 32 from Linden Church Road to Interstate 70. The conveyance of this property to the state will assist in accelerating the work to widen Route 32 within this corridor.

“For far too long, Route 32 has been a traffic nightmare for Howard County residents and workers. I am pleased that the Maryland Department of Transportation is widening Route 32 and this conveyance of land will accelerate that process,” said Ball. “Nearly 60 percent of our commuters cross the Howard County borders on a daily basis. That is a higher percentage than any other county in the region. I want us to create a truly multi-modal transportation system that better connects Howard County to the region. We need to decrease the time we spend in the car and increase the time we get to spend with our kids and families.”

This conveyance legislation is part of Ball’s approach to improving traffic flow and the county’s transportation infrastructure that also includes goals to complete 95 miles of bikeways, reducing serious traffic injuries by 19 percent and achieving one million rides annually on Regional Transit Authority (RTA) buses by 2025.