It seems “The Great Resignation,” is still in full throttle as one in four Americans are currently searching for a new job. In fact, if they haven’t started yet, 40 percent say they are planning to start exploring other options in 2023. 

So, what’s causing employees to leave? One survey discovered a trend of distrust between employees and their employers. 34 percent of participants responded that they don’t trust their HR representative, and one in three don’t feel comfortable going to their manager with workplace issues. 

If businesses want to keep their employees, it’s crucial that they build a work environment of trust and appreciation. Here are five proven strategies to build trust in the workplace:

1. Set expectations

One of the biggest mistakes that employers make when it comes to their employees is not setting expectations on day one. Distrust begins to take form when employers reprimand employees for actions and behaviors that weren’t communicated as unacceptable at the beginning of their employment.

So, make sure to set clear expectations for your employees and communicate them often. However, it’s important to make sure that the expectations you’re setting are realistic and fair. You’ll lose your best employees by enforcing strict rules that ultimately break trust rather than build it.

2. Ask for feedback

A great way to show your employees that you’re trustworthy is by asking them for their feedback — and acting on that feedback. For example, don’t just provide your team with a way to submit suggestions or concerns and hope that satisfies them. Show them that you take them seriously and care about their input. 

Try implementing an open-door policy where employees can come to you to discuss anything from their fears to company culture. Together, you can work to make any necessary changes and adjustments to the workplace to make your team feel safe and heard. 

3. Celebrate accomplishments

It’s always a good idea to take note of company failures to prevent the same mistakes from happening again. However, if you’re not also celebrating your employee’s successes, your office will quickly turn into a hostile work environment. 

For instance, if your team just landed a new client or wrapped up a big project, take them to happy hour to toast to their success and show your appreciation. Did an individual go above and beyond to meet a deadline? Send them a personalized note or give them a shout out in a company meeting. When their achievements are recognized, employees will be inspired to achieve even more. 

4. Be honest and transparent

Honesty is a two-way street — you cannot expect your employees to be honest if you are not. While you certainly don’t need to divulge everything to your team, being transparent about decisions and actions that affect them is helpful in building trust. By sharing the current health of the company, like performance metrics and financial status, your employees feel that they’re a trusted and an important part of your business. 

Additionally, admitting when you’ve made a mistake, always keeping your word, and following through on promises are other forms of honesty that help build trust.

5. Lead by example

The greatest leaders are those who “walk the talk,” and show what they’re looking for in their employees by making themselves the prime example. How can you expect your team to show up on-time and meet deadlines if you’re constantly rescheduling meetings and pushing back deadlines? 

To lead by example, you have to hold yourself to a higher standard and go above and beyond what’s expected of you. Your employees will be inspired to mimic your behaviors. By showing that you’re not above hard work, you’re creating an environment of trust where you and your team can thrive. 

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