New Cohort for Leaders in Business with Training and Development Solutions at Howard Community College (Photo courtesy of Howard Community College)

Howard Community College Training & Development Solutions is actively recruiting executives, business owners, government directors, and team leaders who are positioned for growth to take part in an exciting new program, slated to launch in early 2023. Our new Cohort for Leaders in Business will unite a circle of professionals who share common goals to boost productivity and efficiency within their businesses, problem solve in positive and meaningful ways, and put the right people and plans in place to grow, progressively, over time.

“The idea is that we bring a group of people together who can get to know one another and build trust in a structured, safe, and supportive environment,” said Mike Manion, group facilitator. “Leaders are able to discuss their most pressing challenges and opportunities and gain perspective from other leaders, who have no agenda other than to help them succeed.”

HCC’s first Cohort for Leaders in Business will begin meeting in January 2023. There are just ten spots available, with no opportunity for competitive participation. This means that once a professional from a specific industry is registered to participate in the cohort, the group will be closed to other professionals hailing from the same industry. This assures that all participants can come into meetings with a willingness to be transparent and candid about the dynamics of their business, operational decisions that need to be vetted and made, and business growth strategies that will set them apart in today’s competitive marketplace.

“The impact of these meetings can be substantial because you are putting a group of smart, honest, unbiased people around a table who can offer perspective based on the facts as well as their own personal experiences,” said Manion. “What becomes apparent quickly is that every business has its own unique challenges, and then there are a whole set of issues that leaders from all types of businesses have in common.”

Manion says some of the topics that come up most frequently in leadership groups he facilitates today focus heavily on pandemic impact and recovery. Many participants are still coming to meetings seeking guidance on how to manage teams that are extremely divided when it comes in-person versus virtual work environments. And just as many are looking for input on how to best manage supply chain issues, or creative approaches for hiring and rebuilding the workforce.

“In many cases, leaders are bringing problems to the table they know they can’t necessarily solve or control, but want to manage differently internally,” said Manion. “Consider supply chain issues, for example. There is only so much you can do as the business owner to get the products you need, when you need them. But what you can do is think about ways to streamline processes internally to work around some of those issues. You can also consider different ways to communicate with customers so they understand what is happening and understand you are committed to serving them as soon as you possibly can.”

Manion says he is eager to launch a Cohort for Leaders in Business in Howard County, knowing that so many small business owners and leaders in the area can benefit from participating.

“Many people’s first reaction when they are invited to join a group like this is that they don’t need this type of structured support,” said Manion. “Then they decide to give it a try, and within a short amount of time the message changes to ‘I had no idea how much I needed this until I got here.’ They realize quickly that being part of a leadership group helps them grow both personally and professionally.”

HCC’s Cohort for Leaders in Business will meet for a half of a day, once per month. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to call 443-518-1660 or email Training & Development Solutions for additional details.