When you think of Canada, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Polite? Hockey? Eh? 

These associations, while certainly not adverse, often fail to position Canadians as serious contenders on the global stage which is why many companies have worked to distance themselves from these stereotypes. However, Zenergy Communications, an integrated multilingual marketing-communications agency, has decided to explore what would happen if they completely embraced ‘Canadianisms’ in their recent campaign, Look North.

Blending humor with a compelling business proposition, Look North injects a refreshing dose of wit into the typically serious realm of MARCOM by humorously acknowledging Canadian quirks while simultaneously emphasizing the strategic advantages they offer. 

The campaign encourages US enterprises to look north beyond their borders and tap into Zenergy’s array of multilingual services, tailored communication strategies and nuanced understanding of diverse markets, all while enjoying the advantageous exchange rates. 

“Instead of trying to distance ourselves from Canadian stereotypes in order to appeal to US businesses, we decided to have a little fun and lean into them,” explains Linda Farha, president and founder of Zenergy Communications. “The focus of this campaign is not to highlight what we do as an agency, but how we do it. It showcases the creativity, quality and personalization that clients can expect when they work with us. Whether they’re looking to ramp up their MARCOM initiatives in the US or planning a Canadian expansion, Zenergy can act as an extension of their team and help create a seamless, integrated experience, that supports their business goals.”

Embracing an omni-channel approach, the Look North campaign offers a solution for US companies seeking to broaden their horizons and unlock untapped business potential. By leveraging Zenergy’s expertise of both Canadian and US markets, businesses can navigate the intricate landscape of North American commerce with finesse and confidence.

For more information about the Look North campaign and Zenergy’s MARCOM services, visit zenergycom.com/look-north